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Из каментов на американском сайте :))))

Фихтенгольц is notorious in that respect. If you insist on studying in Russian, let me recommend a book by Грэнвиль В., Лузин Н. (same title, of course)

How does Зорич, Математический Анализ compare? There is also a little volume from the 1980s with lots of pictures in it: Начала Анализа в Наглядном Изложении by А.А. Леваков, Н.В. Пыжкова, and Л.П. Черенкова. It was published in Minsk by Вышэйшая Школа.

I don't know. Frankly, I didn't touch a calculus textbook since 70-ies, and by then Лузин's was definitely the best (yet unpopular for obvious reasons). In my school Никольский was the preferred one, and Фихтенгольц played a supporting role.

Zorich's is good.

Here is a very nice book: Я. Б. Зельдович, И. М. Яглом, Высшая математика для начинающих физиков и техников ( the link: http://ilib.mccme.ru/djvu/zeld-yag.htm ) This book is a priceless pearl. You can find it in Russian and English. Good luck.

Верно, Зельдович круче всех!!! :) А кто такой этот Лузин's was definitely the best? Надо ознакомиться.
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