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О непреходящей силе науки

Наконец-то я понял, зачем нужны математика, химия и астрономия. В газете "Джерузалем поц" прочел следующее:
Величайшие и исключительные ценности Торы и Галахи не могут быть должным образом поняты без
• Without a basic knowledge of mathematics, Maimonides’s chapter on the sanctification of the month is virtually incomprehensible.
• A knowledge of geometry is essential to understand many issues raised in the tractate Eruvin, where, for example, a rectangle must be converted to a square.
• One cannot adjudicate questions of kashrut today without a working knowledge of chemistry.
• The complex issue of halachic times such as sunrise, sunset and twilight is best understood with a knowledge of astronomy.
• There are numerous questions on the use of modern technologies on the Sabbath and holidays that require a fundamental understanding of the principles involved.
• The tractate Hulin requires a knowledge of biology and anatomy.
Perhaps a core curriculum where math and science education is applied to halachic issues would be the winning approach.

Так победим!
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